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The Gordie Center strives to provide information and resources on hazing prevention and alcohol overdose prevention. Share Gordie's lifesaving message by taking these evidence-informed, student-tested resources back to your campus or community.

Some of our materials, such as the GORDIEcheck BAC cards, posters, mirror clings, brochures, and cups, can be customized with your logo! Please see our GORDIEstore flyer (includes packages and customization options), and download our GORDIEstore Flyer to print. If you have questions about a custom order or want more information about any of our products, please contact us.

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You will be sent a physical DVD when you purchase this item. If you wish to purchase a downloadable version of the full 37-minute HAZE film, please use the HAZE Download listing in the GORDIEstore.

In 2008, The Gordie Foundation produced HAZE, a documentary film telling Gordie’s story and connecting the dots between alcohol on campus and hazing. In 2017, the Gordie Center worked with the original director of the film to update HAZE for today's audiences. The new version of HAZE along with a new facilitator guide was released on Gordie's birthday, February 22, 2018. The 2018 film is 37 minutes long, and is intended to be used for interactive programs: a screening followed by a facilitated discussion.

With the purchase of HAZE, the free downloadable HAZE Facilitation Guide will also be added to your cart at checkout!

GORDIEcheck BAC Cards (pack of 50)

GORDIEcheck BAC Cards are sold in packs of 50 for $25.00. When you purchase 5 or more packs of BAC cards, you will receive a BAC Card Display Stand for free!

GORDIEcheck BAC cards are evidence-informed, student-tested blood alcohol content (BAC) cards that are small, easy to read, and fit perfectly in students' wallets. The cards are an excellent resource to have on hand for students at university health offices and are perfect to give out at educational presentations, freshman orientations, college residence halls, and during prevention programming. GORDIEcheck BAC cards contain a standard drink conversion chart, BAC charts for men and women, the PUBS signs of alcohol overdose, as well as tips to maintain a lower BAC. These cards have been purchased for distribution by over 150 institutions nationwide, and can be customized to include your institution's logo (please see the Custom BAC card product listing for more information about customization options, and contact the Gordie Center to discuss customization pricing!).

The front side of the card defines standard drink measurements for beer, wine, and liquor, as well as provides a standard drink equivalency chart. In addition, it features the PUBS signs of alcohol overdose as well as tips to successfully maintain a lower BAC while drinking.

The reverse side of the card features BAC predictions based on number of drinks, time, weight, and gender. This information can be vital for students attempting to determine a dangerous level of consumption and whether or not to call for help in life-threatening situations.


Show your support for the Gordie Center with this reusable shopper bag! This 16" x 15" lime green polyester tote bag features 18" shoulder straps and the Gordie Center logo. When not in use, the tote folds into a carrying pouch with a drawstring, which features the Gordie Center's website. The folded pouch dimensions are approximately 5"H x 3.5" in diameter. Each bag purchase supports the work of the Gordie Center!

GORDIEstickers (pack of 25)

GORDIEstickers are sold in packs of 25 for $8.

These 3" removable adhesive laptop stickers display the PUBS signs of alcohol overdose. The laptop stickers are a great giveaway for students, and a helpful way to raise awareness and start conversations on campus about alcohol overdose.

BAC Card Display Stand

Each BAC Card Display Stand is $5.00. One display stand comes FREE with every order of 5 or more BAC card packs!

The BAC Card Display Stand is made of 18pt heavy card stock, and arrives flat with instructions for easy assembly. The dimensions of the stand are 9” H x 5.5” W for the total stand. The stand features a front pocket with a divider in the middle. Each side of the pocket can hold 50 BAC cards.

The BAC Card Display Stand features a white space on the front of the pocket that comes printed with the Gordie Center logo and website. This space can also be covered with a sticker featuring your campus information should you prefer a more personalized stand.