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Rock your Gordie green with Gordie Center sunglasses! These sunglasses would be a great incentive for signing the GORDIEpledge to Check--the arm of the sunglasses reads "I PLEDGE to Check" with the Gordie Center website. Contact us at or (434) 982-0703 to discuss a discount for a bulk order!

GORDIEcar Magnet

Help spread Gordie's lifesaving message and support the Gordie Center's mission with this 4" magnet! The magnet will work on any metal surface, indoor or outdoor, and is perfect for your car.

GORDIEclips (pack of 3)

Show your support for the Gordie Center with our jumbo magnetic GORDIEclips. Hang GORDIEclips on metal surfaces, or use the hole in the back to hang on non-metallic surfaces. The clip is translucent green and features a strong magnet. Each GORDIEclip is 2" x 3" with the Gordie jack logo and website. GORDIEclips come in packs of 3 clips for $5, and each purchase supports the work of the Gordie Center!

GORDIEstore Catalog Flyer

Download and print the GORDIEstore Catalog Flyer, which features all of the products available for purchase in the GORDIEstore.