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GORDIEpens (pack of 10)

Help spread Gordie's lifesaving message and support the Gordie Center's mission with Gordie Center pens! GORDIEpens are white with lime green accents and write with black ink. They are available in packs of 10 pens for $6!


Rock your Gordie green with Gordie Center sunglasses! These sunglasses would be a great incentive for signing the GORDIEpledge to Check--the arm of the sunglasses reads "I PLEDGE to Check" with the Gordie Center website. Contact us at or (434) 982-0703 to discuss a discount for a bulk order!

GORDIEcar Magnet

Help spread Gordie's lifesaving message and support the Gordie Center's mission with this 4" magnet! The magnet will work on any metal surface, indoor or outdoor, and is perfect for your car.

GORDIEclips (pack of 3)

Show your support for the Gordie Center with our jumbo magnetic GORDIEclips. Hang GORDIEclips on metal surfaces, or use the hole in the back to hang on non-metallic surfaces. The clip is translucent green and features a strong magnet. Each GORDIEclip is 2" x 3" with the Gordie jack logo and website. GORDIEclips come in packs of 3 clips for $5, and each purchase supports the work of the Gordie Center!

GORDIEstore Catalog Flyer

Download and print the GORDIEstore Catalog Flyer, which features all of the products available for purchase in the GORDIEstore.

HAZE Streaming Download

The Gordie Center will email you a link to download a streaming version of the 37-minute HAZE film when you purchase this item. You will also be emailed a PDF of the copyright and public performance license for the film. If you wish to purchase a physical DVD to be mailed to you, please use the HAZE DVD listing in the GORDIEstore.

You may also rent HAZE for a 1-week rental period (which includes the public performance license for the duration of the rental period) for $50 by visiting the Gordie Center's Vimeo On Demand website.

In 2008, The Gordie Foundation produced HAZE, a documentary film telling Gordie’s story and connecting the dots between alcohol on campus and hazing. In 2017, the Gordie Center worked with the original director of the film to update HAZE for today's audiences. The new version of HAZE along with a new facilitator guide was released 2018. The updated film is 37 minutes long, and is intended to be used for interactive programs: a screening followed by a facilitated discussion.

With the purchase of HAZE, the free downloadable HAZE Facilitation Guide will also be added to your cart at checkout!


The Gordie Center is proud to partner with SWIGSAFE™! Use the code "GORDIE" in the SWIGSAFE™ store to give a portion of your purchase back to the Gordie Center.

Visit to learn more and purchase with the code "GORDIE"!

The SWIGSAFE™ 16-ounce plastic tumbler allows for a greater sense of control and safety during life's daily routines and greatest adventures, when enjoying alcohol or non-alcoholic beverages. With a secure lid and easy-to-read measurements and icons, SWIGSAFE™ provides seamless on-the-go hydration, as well as a more controllable alternative to open cups, helping protect against excessive drinking and drink tampering.

SWIGSAFE™ Tumbler features:

  • • Flip-lid with additional secure arm
  • • Easy-to-read icons and measurements
  • • Spill-proof
  • • Hand-Wash Only
  • • Shatter-resistant
  • • Stain-resistant
  • • Capacity: 16 ounces
  • • Dimensions: 3.325" x 3.325" x 9.68"
  • • Made from Eastman Tritan plastic
  • • BPA Free
  • • BPS Free
  • • Estrogenic-Activity Free
  • • Androgenic-Activity Free
  • • Not intended for use in the microwave or with hot liquids

Price: $34.00

Visit to purchase with the code "GORDIE"! A portion of your purchase will be given back to the Gordie Center when you use the GORDIE code.

Price includes shipping and handling costs within the contiguous United States. Price DOES NOT include tax. Discounted pricing for all Bulk Orders. Please contact SWIGSAFE™ at to discuss bulk orders.

**SWIGSAFE™ wants you to be safe. The Tumbler is designed to help keep unwanted substances from being slipped into your drink easily, but be aware that no device can stop a criminal. If used with alcoholic beverages, SWIGSAFE™ can’t prevent you from getting wasted. Always drink responsibly, be aware of your surroundings, use the buddy system, and never accept a drink from a stranger unless you can watch it being poured from start to finish.

To purchase, visit and use the code "GORDIE" to give portion of your purchase to the Gordie Center.