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The GORDIEbrochure is a printable PDF brochure that provides Safer Drinking Guidelines. The content of the brochure includes safer drinking guidelines for men and women, positive social norms about the healthy choices most students make when alcohol is involved, standard drink equivalency measurements, tips for a lower blood alcohol content (BAC) and staying in the BAC "golden zone," as well as helpful resources for making safer drinking choices.

Simply purchase, download and save the PDF file, and print as many as you need!

The GORDIEbrochure can be customized with your logo and local resource information! Please see the Custom GORDIEbrochure listing in the GORDIEstore for more information on customizing this item.

GORDIEstore Catalog Flyer

Download and print the GORDIEstore Catalog Flyer, which features all of the products available for purchase in the GORDIEstore.

HAZE Streaming Download

The Gordie Center will email you a link to download a streaming version of the 37-minute HAZE film when you purchase this item. You will also be emailed a PDF of the copyright and public performance license for the film. If you wish to purchase a physical DVD to be mailed to you, please use the HAZE DVD listing in the GORDIEstore.

You may also rent HAZE for a 1-week rental period (which includes the public performance license for the duration of the rental period) for $50 by visiting the Gordie Center's Vimeo On Demand website.

In 2008, The Gordie Foundation produced HAZE, a documentary film telling Gordie’s story and connecting the dots between alcohol on campus and hazing. In 2017, the Gordie Center worked with the original director of the film to update HAZE for today's audiences. The new version of HAZE along with a new facilitator guide was released 2018. The updated film is 37 minutes long, and is intended to be used for interactive programs: a screening followed by a facilitated discussion.

With the purchase of HAZE, the free downloadable HAZE Facilitation Guide will also be added to your cart at checkout!

HAZE Facilitation Guide

Thank you for showing HAZE! We want you to feel comfortable and prepared for discussion after the film. The HAZE Facilitation Guide is short, easy-to-use, and can help you focus your discussion by topic. It includes a one-page step-by-step outline of how to facilitate a HAZE showing, and a short section of teaching points after each topic. How you choose to facilitate your discussion after HAZE is up to you, and may also be dependent on your audience. The Facilitation Guide provides helpful discussion prompt questions and ideas for facilitation.

Please visit for more facilitation and marketing tools for a successful HAZE showing!

BAC Card Stand Building Instructions

When you purchase or receive a BAC Card Display Stand with your order, please download these instructions for building your display stand!

Digital Short - PUBS Signs of an Alcohol Overdose

The Gordie Center offers a series of harm reduction short videos that meet students where they are to help them protect the things they value. Please download and use these free resources! This digital short walks viewers through the PUBS signs of an alcohol overdose. The file size is 20.1MB. You can also share and embed this video directly from the Gordie Center's YouTube channel.