HAZE Streaming Download

The Gordie Center will email you a link to download a streaming version of the 37-minute HAZE film when you purchase this item. You will also be emailed a PDF of the copyright and public performance license for the film. If you wish to purchase a physical DVD to be mailed to you, please use the HAZE DVD listing in the Gordie Center Store.

If you would like to hire a Gordie Center staff member to facilitate a virtual screening of HAZE to your audience, please visit the Virtual HAZE Presentation listing in the Gordie Center Store.

You may also rent HAZE for a 1-week rental period (which includes the public performance license for the duration of the rental period) for $50 by visiting the Gordie Center's Vimeo On Demand website.

In 2008, The Gordie Foundation produced HAZE, a documentary film telling Gordie’s story and connecting the dots between alcohol on campus and hazing. In 2017, the Gordie Center worked with the original director of the film to update HAZE for today's audiences. The new version of HAZE along with a new facilitator guide was released 2018. The updated film is 37 minutes long, and is intended to be used for interactive programs: a screening followed by a facilitated discussion.

With the purchase of HAZE, the free downloadable HAZE Facilitation Guide will also be added to your cart at checkout!