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You will be sent a physical DVD when you purchase this item. If you wish to purchase a downloadable version of the full 37-minute HAZE film, please use the HAZE Download listing in the GORDIEstore.

In 2008, The Gordie Foundation produced HAZE, a documentary film telling Gordie’s story and connecting the dots between alcohol on campus and hazing. In 2017, the Gordie Center worked with the original director of the film to update HAZE for today's audiences. The new version of HAZE along with a new facilitator guide was released on Gordie's birthday, February 22, 2018. The 2018 film is 37 minutes long, and is intended to be used for interactive programs: a screening followed by a facilitated discussion.

With the purchase of HAZE, the free downloadable HAZE Facilitation Guide will also be added to your cart at checkout!

GORDIEpackage #1

Packages offer the best pricing and include everything you need for your programming year-round! GORDIEpackage #1 offers a savings of over $100!

GORDIEpackage #1 includes:

  • HAZE: The Movie and the Facilitator's Guide
  • 250 GORDIEcheck BAC cards*
    *choose standard or student-athlete
  • 100 GORDIEmagnets
  • 100 GORDIEclings (3" x 5")
  • 100 GORDIEstickers
  • 50 GORDIEkoozies
  • 35 GORDIEposters**
    **You will be sent 5 of each poster design unless you specify another preference.

HAZE Facilitation Guide

Thank you for showing HAZE! We want you to feel comfortable and prepared for discussion after the film. The HAZE Facilitation Guide is short, easy-to-use, and can help you focus your discussion by topic. It includes a one-page step-by-step outline of how to facilitate a HAZE showing, and a short section of teaching points after each topic. How you choose to facilitate your discussion after HAZE is up to you, and may also be dependent on your audience. The Facilitation Guide provides helpful discussion prompt questions and ideas for facilitation.

Please visit for more facilitation and marketing tools for a successful HAZE showing!